A little bit about my past

It has been an amazing journey so far; I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I had in the past.

Growing up in Germany I got to enjoy the benefits of “having access to free education”. That is not something I knew to treasure at the time. It was in the past 15 years travelling the world i.e., living in 4 different countries, working in more than 40, and visiting and more than 60, that I learnt that this was a blessing and nothing that I should have taken for granted. The majoriy of the worlds’ population is denied that basic right to education, and that puts them on a backfoot from an early age. Just because they were born into a different culture.

My education opened doors for me, and I was brave enough to step through them. Being persistent in nature and for most of my life very clear on what I want to achieve, helped me massively on my journey. I have no humble goal: I want to save the world! That is quite a complex task and I am used to the fact that people laugh when they hear my bold and ambitious plan!
That did not and does not deafeat my spirit though, and so far I’ve gotten around to:

  • develop international Climate Change mitigation projects with the United Nations,
  • verify carbon emissions for the first large greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme in the world, still remaining the biggest: the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, a major pillar of EU Climate Policy, and
  • certify some of the largest multinational corporations, helping them to improve their environmental performance as well as their occupational health and safety performance in a systematic and efficient manner.

What I learnt

These years were the most educational and humbling years of my life. I’ve learnt so much about our world: the impact that human civilisation has onto our earth systems, as well as the hardship and challenges that out of balance earth systems can inflict in some regions. I learnt that no matter which remote place of the world I visited and worked in – we’re all connected and facing similar challenges.
I came to realise as well that working with Global Organizations, European Institutions and Policies, and multinational corporations alone would not change the world. I still came home after every single trip, facing the same challenges in my local community, my neighbourhood, with my friends and family. We all want to and need to become proactive in “doing our bit” no matter how small it appears to be, and how little we may think the contribution of the individual is. In the past years I learnt from each interaction and open minded conversation with clients, people on the street, in the supermarket, in the taxi, on the bus, at the airport, on the beach.  I learnt that we’re all concerned; concerned about the legacy that we leave behind for generations to come.

What I learnt as well was that is takes someone to inspire and be couragous to facilitate the change that we all want to see in our world. 

So – no moaning or compaining. Somebody has to step up to the challenge. I embrace my uncertain future, looking forward to all the new learnings. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow!


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