Mixed nuts & fruits cake

Mixed nuts & fruits cake

Maybe I’m more of a feverent cook than a baker but it’s been a while since I last posted a cake recipe. Wanting to get better at baking I need to embrace the challenge and this cake recpice is one of the first culinary challenges in 2019. I love nuts and I love mixed fruits and berries so this cake may be another winner. Let’s get to it!

rice & bean burrito

Rice & Bean Burrito

There is a debate on whether or not burritos are actually Mexican or if they are Tex Mex food. After living in Mexico and travelling up and down the country I´d probably sway to say they are Tex Mex as I had a hard time finding burritos in Mexico. With a lot of questioning and persistance, and the help of my local friends I found some, eventually.

Salsa roja

There’s nothing like a traditional home-made Salsa roja, a classic Mexican salsa you’ll always find on the table in any Mexican house, any restaurant, any taquería, you name it. The degree of their spiciness varies depending on the type of chili that is added, and on the family recipe that was handed down for generations. It’s an absolute ‘must try’ in my opinion!

raw broccoli salad with grapes

Raw broccoli salad

I LOVE broccoli but became quite curious a couple of years ago how to prepare a delicious meal with broccoli, which doesn’t involve cooking it to death. Which is, if we are honest, what most people do. Nearly all the nutricious goodness is gone after the boiling process, and whilst steaming seems marginally better, I wanted more crunch.
So the idea came along to eat raw broccoli!

vegan shortbread

Homemade shortbread

Today is National Shortbread Day – who knew? So, what’s so special about shortbread? A food item we don’t seem ot pay much attention anymore these days when passing the supermarket isles. Doing some quick research we found out that shortbread is credited to Mary, Queen of Scots and was considered a luxury treat that was only served on special occasions in the 16th century.
Fast forward a couple of centuries it doesn’t seem to evoke quite the same reaction anymore. So to honour the 06th Jan let’s comemorate this luxury treat once more – of course fully veganized!

vegan butter

Home-made butter

Butter and cheese are probably the hardest things to “give up” or “cut out” when transitioning to a fully plant-based lifestyle. To put you at ease during the first month, during Veganuary, we’ve posted a smoked vegan cheese recipe a few days ago, and now comes the homemde recipe for vegan homemade butter. No palm-oil, no emulsifiers, nothing processed – just good homemade spread!

Smoked cashew cheese

Adapting the plant-based lifestyle is not, nor shall it be, about “missing out”, or “restrictions”. There are so many wonderful opportunities to explore the new rich variety of plant-based cheeses, and making your own cheese – c’mon – how awesome is that? No highly processed “plastic” cheese and you know exactly what goes into it. Win – win!

Apple Mango Lassi

Starting a new year afresh is what we all aspire to. This following recipe is normally a refreshing summer drink so thinking of a refreshing start I pulled this forward to the start of this year! Start afresh, drink summer drinks in winter, break conventions – and 2019 will be yours 🙂

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