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More collective impact is needed to shape our future – Living in harmony with our Mother Nature

I am truly excited and enthusiastic to start empowering either individuals by sharing some of my “green nuggets” and/or SMEs to support them on their journey to establish systematic environmental business practices. We all are facilitators to a cleaner environment and hold the key to a sustainable future.

For years and years I’ve allowed myself to believe that working with global organisations, large institutions, and multinational corporations across various industries “people like me” could save our world “top – down”. More than 10 years and 60+ countries later, in which I spread the message of environmental awareness, alertness, and urgency, I come to realise that it takes the collective impact of each individual to drive the change that our Mother Earth so desperately calls for. She does not have a voice but she speaks loud. Despite the fact that she is getting louder or as I like to phrase it “increasing the volume” since I started working in my profession as a passionate Environmentalist, I get a sense of society or more generally speaking our human civilisation is becoming “deaf”, or is tuning down that communication channel to a background whisper.

We have to ask ourselves: What are the consequences of our actions today? Or better: What are the consequences of our inactions today? Our actions and inactions have an impact on human civilisation much beyond our time. It is the accumulated effect of each individual  -7.7 billion crowding our planet and consuming resources and goods on a daily basis in 2018-  which makes the impact of “the one” the impact of “the many” and therefore more pivotal and important than international treaties and governmental regulations alone. We all have to start taking responsibily towards a sustainable future.

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?
Would you rather look your child, your grandchild, your niece, or your nephew in the eyes and proudly manifest “We did this for your future!” with a warm and compassionate smile on your face, or will you need to look your child, your grandchild, your niece, or your nephew in the eyes and ashamedly admit “We did this to your future!” with tears in your eyes?

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