11October 2018

Hard to believe but the US Senate just approved the corporate lawyer who defended oil giant BP for the Deep Water Horizon disaster as the top environmental lawyer for the Department of Justice. Jeffrey Bossert Clark will from now on head the Justice Departement’s Environmental and Natural resources Division.

The office was once responsible for enforcing the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act and other major federal environmental laws. Now this seems to be up for sale to the highest bidder. Clark will lead the very division of the Department that prosecuted BP for the catastrophic spill caused by the Deep Water Horizon disaster. He was the lead counsel on BP’s appeal of the historic damages awarded in the Deepwater Horizon case, and defended a multibillion-dollar appeal from dozens of entities including state, local, and federal govenments, and individuals claiming economic loss.

Is it only me scratching my head now and wondering what happened during the “Conflict of interest” evaluation – or did they skip that part entirely? 

Clark’s appointment doesn’t only sound ridiculous – even typing it now, hurts my synapses and will probably send me into a full-blown headache over the next hours and weeks, until the sheer ridiculousness of his appointment has sunken in and yet again expanded the “WT*….unbelievable!!” section of my brain, which is under continual attack since the DJT Administration became a sad part of our reality.

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